Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is a different sort of blog. I have been into astrology for over a decade, but am still a serious student of the art. This is not a typical astrology blog however. Although I am an astrologer, I see quite a bit of the approach that most modern astrologers take as silly at best. In short, I don't think that the planetary body of Mars, for example, influences us in any scientific way. Instead, like all forms of divination, the outward symbols (in this case the lights in the sky that move along paths close to the ecliptic) are stand-ins for forces that exist within ourselves. This is the viewpoint propounded by some of the earlier astrologers such as Paracelsus in his essay "Hermetic Astronomy."

In essence one cause has two manifestations. One of these manifestations is the position of the planets in the sky and the other manifestation is the position of forces represented by the planets as symbols within ourselves and hence within our lives.

The approach that the modernists take (that the planets have an objective impact in our lives) becomes problematic for a number of reasons. Are we really to believe that the Part of Cucumbers and Melons, which is not a planetary body but a calculated point based on planetary bodies, has an impact on cucumber and melon plants? Of course not. Astrology is a meta-languistic divination system, not a science in the way that, say, physics is.


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